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"His act ALWAYS stays fresh - a feat in itself, considering how popular he is. Peter is a draw for any event. So many of our guests went out of their way to attend the party because his name was on the invitation as a featured performer."

Lisa Chernow - Write For You

"Peter provides one of the best sales tools we have at our disposal. His ability to understand a product and an organization rapidly and accurately makes him a terrific addition to any sales presentation. Peter's unique skills make him a highly effective tool to build your relationships with customers, educate them in your product and to set them up for the profitable sale."

Spencer B. Dick - TigerStop, Inc.

"We were able to draw in more of a crowd and, when we were busy speaking with clients Peter the Adequate kept other potential clients entertained while waiting."

Todd Sklodosky - National Alarm Pro

"What a great show! Peter The Adequate does an incredible job. Not only is his magic superb, he also offers poignant, inspirational messages to his audience. An exceptionally memorable entertainment experience!!!"

Steve Parsons - University of Texas Student

"After seeing Peter the Adequate, I would absolutely book him for a Dell event and/or personal event. He does a great job and keeps the audience's attention at all times - not an easy task. I really enjoyed the performance."

Cara Ginocchio -Dell Computer Corp.

"Peter The Adequate is so versatile and so good at what he does, I am spellbound each time I see him. But I'm not alone. I've seen him delight young children and he has done an exceptional job of teaching over 700 college students, in my classes, how deception in everyday life and deception in magic come together. He is a superb performer, teacher, and human being. He has a wonderful sense of humor and knows his craft inside and out."

Dr. Mark Knapp - University of Texas

“Peter the Adequate was Awesome during the Leadership Austin's Best Party Ever!”

Toni Aldridge - Owner / Mystical Events

Some of Peter's Clients

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