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Strolling Magic

Up close and personal entertainment.

Make sure your guests are entertained the moment they arrive at your event. Peter serves as your goodwill ambassador, entertaining guests one-on-one and in small groups. Every guest will be treated to an amazing personal performance, while you sit back and enjoy the sound of laughter and gasps of amazement.

Stand-Up Comedy Magic

This high energy show com​bines Peter's talents as an actor, comedian magician. Your guests will laugh, they'll cry and be constantly amazed as Peter takes them on a journey through his imagination. While most of the show will have your guests laughing out loud, there are some moments which will touch their hearts and move them in ways that no other magic show can is a show they will be talking about for months to come.

If you have a specific message you would like to get across to your guests, this show is for you. Peter has many years of experience weaving customized messages into his shows. Whether you want to sell a product or service or want your guests to remember a specific concept or set of concepts. Peter takes his renowned "Stand-Up Comedy Magic" act and reworks it to fit your specific needs. Your guests will appreciate your message because it is presented in an entertaining manner and they will remember it because of the "emotional and visual hooks" attached to it.

Training Magic

Add a little spice and laughter any of your training sessions. Peter can Imagine how much more the attendees will enjoy the event is punctuated by moments of comedy and astonishment. Now imagine how much better they will remember the key points of the event if each one of them was re-caped with an entertaining bit of comedy magic. As an emcee to your training seminar, Peter will not only introduce each of your speakers, but he will create entertaining bits of comedy and magic which highlight the key elements of each presentation. This is possible because Peter takes the time to meet with each of the presenters by phone, e-mail or mail to learn as much as possible about the subject being presented and the points the presenter would like to see reinforced. Peter also has a number of team building exercises available should you need them. Make your training seminar one which absorbed and remembered.

Actually two pictures. These two pictures were taken 15 minutes apart at a trade show in Austin, Texas. The picture at the top is a high energy five piece band that blasted the hall with great music from They had props and costumes for each set. These were good and fun.

15 minutes later, Peter took to the stage with only a table, a microphone and a handful of magic props.

Notice the difference in the size of the audience. Imagine what that kind of power could do for your trade show booth. Now, combine that with Peter's remarkable ability to convey a message or sell a product using magic and comedy and you have a trade show asset worth weight in gold.

As I have over 20 experience working the trade show market. I also have 11 years of experience as a trade show display coordinator and have set up displays for over 100 different companies (everything from carpets and furniture to displays, balloon decorating, graphics, printed materials promotional products). 

In addition to this, I have also worked as a pitchman for numerous products at consumer shows (from Super Shammys to Micro Fiber Mops, Water Beads, Magic Cards and many more).

A study a while back in Red Bank New Jersey showed that the most effective strategy for achieving lasting company identification and product identification was Product Demonstration. Number two was having a magician in the booth. Our company uses both these techniques to help our customers. Also included in the top ten most effective strategies were: Ad Specialties, Contests / Drawings, Themes Comedy. We incorporate these too in our overall package, at a relatively low cost to the client.

Our company can plan your entire marketing strategy for your next trade show or supplement your existing promotions. Either way, we will strive to make your next trade show venture an effective yet affordable success.

Educational Magic

Imagine your pupils sitting laughing, screaming and having fun during a memorable assembly magic show. Imagine them doing the same during an educational assembly on subjects like Reading, Recycling of Character, Bullying, Drug Substance Abuse, Internet Safety Test Preparation. Now imagine all your pupils and their families gathering together and sharing an evening of laughter and magic that they will remember for years to come, either to raise funds for their PTA/PTO or to increase that organization's membership.

All this and more is available through our Educational Services Website:

For all customers in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Buda, Oak Hill, TX there are no travel fees. For events in other cities 300 miles or less from Austin, a nominal mileage charge will be added. For all other locations, travel expenses will be negotiated based on distance, scheduling location of each event.

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